Six core services that help you achieve more.

Our inclusive process fosters collaboration early and often.


At DesignGroup, we focus on our clients' goals and provide innovative solutions that respond to your budget and timeframe. Continued, creative work with the client after the planning is complete helps to advance the planning recommendations into real projects. Putting planning ideas into action is a hallmark at DesignGroup.


This is the heart of DesignGroup's services to clients. Our architectural expressions provide a clear sense of entry, cohesive logic, consistency of detail, and orderly progression of spaces. The result is a design that melds forms into proper scale and a pleasing composition. Designing toward unity of interior and exterior space produces a cohesive environment that expresses function clearly. Continuous quality review ensures accuracy of construction documents and provides a catalyst for ongoing refinement of the design process. Sensitivity to issues of design intent, schedule, and budget help to ensure quality results.

Interior Design

DesignGroup is comprised of multidisciplinary interior designers and licensed architects working together to provide clients with interior design solutions. DesignGroup professionals have substantial depth and expertise in each of the firm's markets. We are actively involved in every phase of project development to ensure high quality design.

LEED Program Management

Coordinating and managing the LEED certification process can be a complex and challenging endeavor, particularly for stakeholders new to the process. DesignGroup helps the Owner achieve their desired certification goal, balancing budget and schedule with the sustainable strategies necessary for successful certification. We have considerable experience managing the LEED certification process, with certified projects ranging from Silver to Platinum. Successfully certified projects include Diley Ridge Medical Center, the first LEED-Gold certified healthcare facility in the state of Ohio, and the Hocking College Energy Institute, the first LEED-Platinum higher education building in the state of Ohio.

Sustainable Design

DesignGroup is widely recognized as a leader in sustainable design. Long before the LEED rating system existed, the firm was innovatively designing buildings which used the principles of passive solar design, employed innovative HVAC systems, and utilized sustainable site strategies. We strive to serve our clients while integrating the core principles of sustainable design into their projects. Thoughtful design choices can reduce energy consumption and improve indoor environmental quality without added construction cost. Our sustainable projects often pursue LEED certification; we have received LEED certification levels from Silver up to Platinum.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Beginning in 2005, DesignGroup's working method underwent a valuable process evolution through its adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Since 2009, the firm's design process and BIM expertise has grown to the point that 100% of our new work is designed in a BIM environment. This transformation has allowed new technologies to be fully integrated into our design processes. Utilizing Revit Architecture from the earliest stages of a project, our project teams are able to develop larger amounts of design information, with more efficiency, accuracy and with greater visual communication ability than ever before. With information produced and available immediately, design decisions can be made earlier when they have the most positive impact on the project's success.