John R. Maloney Family Health and Wellness Center

City of Columbus

John R. Maloney Family Health and Wellness Center

City of Columbus

Collaboration Improves Community Health

The City of Columbus, Columbus Department of Health, the Columbus Neighborhood Health Center, and The Ohio State University have collaborated to develop a new community medical clinic on South Parsons Avenue to serve the citizens of South Columbus

The facility includes basic medical operations, a Moms2Be program, physical therapy facilities, administrative areas, meeting space, storage space and on-site parking

An innovative two-sided entrance spine serving the parking lot and Parsons Avenue provides an inviting, light filled entry and a passive security method

Spaces such as the teaching kitchen / classroom for expecting mothers, provide the public with state of the art equipment and training otherwise not available to them

The building connects to and livens the surrounding urban context through the use of extensive vision glass that also invites natural light deep into the interior spaces

The facade of the building creates a continuous presence along Parsons Avenue that recalls the traditional development pattern of this commercial thoroughfare

LEED Silver Certified

21,500 SF

Awards, accreditations, & recognition

Project Size 22 Thousand SF
Project Completion 2013
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