Bed Tower Addition

Norton Brownsboro Hospital

Bed Tower Addition

Norton Brownsboro Hospital

Designed with Patients in Mind

Since opening in 2009, Norton Brownsboro Hospital has experienced tremendous growth, exceeding expectations. In 2016, the hospital staff performed about 8,800 surgeries, had about 82,000 outpatient visits and saw an estimated 49,000 patients. This growth and activity has caused the hospital to reach its functional capacity. Coming in the Spring of 2022, a new 172,000 SF state-of-the-art addition will strengthen Norton Brownsboro’s position as a leader in healthcare and provide a transformational epicenter in Louisville.

Norton Healthcare’s purpose is to provide quality health care to all served, in a manner that responds to the needs of the community. Therefore, it was imperative that the new tower match the patient-focused experience of the existing hospital and provide seamless operations for staff. Through reuse of signature detailing and materiality, the addition will reinforce one identifiable main entrance to the hospital. Emergency, staff and service entry points will be clearly visible, with a prominent main entry. Patient experience and wayfinding has been designed to be clear and cohesive between both new and existing areas, reflecting the open and inviting culture of Norton Brownsboro Hospital. In line with Norton’s vision to set the standard for quality and caring, it has been designed for future flexibility and future capacity as the hospital continues to grow. 

The new tower and renovations to 44,000 SF of the existing hospital will capitalize on material and technological advancements. The addition and renovation will utilize technology throughout the patient-focused spaces in a simple and comprehensive manner. 

The new 70 patient beds on the top three floors of the addition will bring the total bed count to 200 for Norton Brownsboro. These beds will provide the space to accommodate varied patient acuity. The third floor will add 22 new ICU beds and will align with the existing ICU to streamline care. The fourth and fifth floors will add 24 new Medical / Surgical beds to each floor.

To support the patient floors, Norton will expand lab capabilities and materials management processes on the lowest level. On the first floor, the emergency department will expand while improving wayfinding and through-put.  Upgrades will be made to the vascular department and diagnostic support. An expansion to the surgery department on the second floor will provide advanced care for the estimated 50% increase in surgeries that are expected by just the second year after this project is complete. 


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Medical Construction & Design: Renovation, Expansion of Norton Brownsboro Hospital Designed to be Leading Healthcare Destination

172,000 SF
Project Size 172 Thousand SF
Project Completion 2022
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