Debunking Standard Planning Metrics

Health systems are driving for greater value in their design solutions, particularly when renovating. Architects and planners have traditionally relied on standard formulas to calculate space needs; however, times have changed and planning tools must also change. Alternative planning strategies such as simulation modeling and user-engaged innovation are more important than ever to help hospitals understand current utilization and test it against future goals. Take a look at how simulation modeling was utilized on a large hospital surgery department to right-size their footprint to create operational efficiencies and save $2.3 million in construction dollars.



Madison Doyle

Alicia Radcliff, NCARB, ACHA, AIA, LEED AP BD+C // Healthcare Planner, Project Architect

Alicia Radcliff is passionate about healthcare design. She approaches healthcare planning and design with an eye towards creating efficient solutions for her healthcare clients by listening to them describe their workflow and engaging them in the design process.  As a board-certified architect with nearly 20 years of experience, she uses her strong technical and building code background to develop healthcare specific environments.  Alicia facilitates planning and design discussions to streamline staff workflows and simplify the patient experience to deliver an exciting new project tailored to each client.