Downtown Healthcare Campus Master Plan Study

Master planning for a hospital of any size is a giant puzzle with many intricate pieces. DesignGroup shares a case study on a master plan study for a downtown healthcare campus that spans over 2 million square feet, 10 buildings and six city blocks. DesignGroup shares the set of key questions that provided the framework for how all the pieces came together to create a comprehensive master plan that aligned with the client’s goals.



Amy Nuzum

Amy Nuzum // Project Associate, Healthcare Planner

Amy offers a strong perspective in all disciplines and scales of architectural practice. She has a great deal of experience in large master plan studies, most recently with a large downtown Midwest healthcare campus. Amy has also spent many years in retail design, on innovation teams creating new prototypes for branded environments. Translating this focus to the healthcare realm as it relates to the overall patient experience is an exciting challenge for every individual project and client.